Sabbath Challenge — Day 110

Today’s Scripture: Luke 14:1-24
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I have this friend who often parks in the far back of the parking lot where she works. The first time I saw her car there even though there were plenty of spots closer to the door, I grinned to myself. I asked her later, but I already knew. Even parking your car can be a spiritual discipline when it is done with Jesus’ teaching in mind.

Jesus told a wedding parable and reminded those around them to take the lowest seat at the banquet table. This is so counter to our nature. We want to be first in line, head of the class, and sit on thrones. I will drive in circles looking for a parking spot just to be close to the door. If we are not careful, we often find ourselves refusing the lowest seat when the time comes.

It is Sunday and we have a little more time so take a moment to look up the definition of humble.

Does this describe you? Who you are?

Have you ever taken the last place on purpose… because this very intentional act is a practice of humility? Well, if not, today is the day. According to your physical ability take the parking spot furthest from the door today, sit in the least desirable seat, be last in line.

Father God, open my eyes to my place in Your Kingdom.
Jesus, who is the greatest, took the lowest place.
 He took my place on the cross… Keep this truth close to my heart,
ever on my thoughts. Let this truth transform me.

And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them,
“If anyone would be first, he must be last of all
and servant of all.” —Jesus
Mark 9:35 ESV
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