release – to set free from confinement
I learned about a few persons in our church talking about claiming a sacred word that they felt was spiritually revealed to them. I listened and wondered: What are they talking about? They were sharing in a spirit of excitement, saying, “I got my word!” … and began naming different ones who also “got their word.” Evidently this was a joyful happening.
It seemed they were attempting to discover a kind of mantra in a word that would become a way for renewing their spirit. A Sacred word that would take on a significant religious blessing when applied in their daily living. As I discussed the concept more fully it was suggested that I seek God’s guidance and power in my life and ask God to give me a sacred word.
It was early the next morning as I began to awaken to the day’s events, half asleep and in an attitude of prayer. Sure enough a word of significance readily popped into my head. By the time I had fully awakened the word seemed to have escaped my memory. When I shared what had happened I was told to just hang in and wait and the word would come to mind again.
But it didn’t. Later though, sure enough, a Sacred word came to mind. It was not the same word but one that held significance for me. The word was release. As I pondered its religious significance I realized that there were opportunities that seemed to slip through sometimes. Times when I failed to say a word of faith witness. I was not readily releasing the God-given spirit of Truth within. Instead it seemed locked inside.
As I contemplated the concept of consciously releasing the Spirit of God Within, I found my faith being renewed, and being more aware of God’s presence in the here and now. I was also confronted with this question: What am I doing with God’s power — that very God-given power within? I was more consciously aware that there are people hungry for God’s Truths.
Something beautiful can blossom spiritually through prayer and divine inspiration. When we take the time to pray, share, and seek God’s guidance we can release God’s power within. Spiritual formation can happen in the simplest ways; no matter our age or station when we open to the working of God’s spirit.
Rev. Enid Shepard

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