Not Only at His Feet, But in the Garden

Thoughts on Sunday began with the offering of music.

Mike Kellogg on his saxophone, accompanied by Phyllis Hunt on the piano, performed a beautiful jazz rendition of a classic, In the Garden.

Thoughts of Jesus walking, talking, laughing, listening, tending the garden of my heart… filled my mind as the melody filled the Sanctuary. Spirit-inspired pictures of a Savior who longs for relationship, waiting for me, for you, to join Him.

Here is where my heart was when Rev. Stephanie Scott began to preach. She came at the invitation of UMW, whose Sunday it was to serve through worship. Her selected passage: Luke 10:38-42. Take time to read it for yourself (click the Scripture reference to read it online if you don’t have a Bible available at this moment).

Rev. Scott began by resisting her interior Martha and stepping out from behind the pulpit…

The Mary in me tells me to come down and sit with you at the feet of Jesus…

Her emphasis, spiritual formation. The art and practice of sitting at Jesus’s feet… joining Him in the garden of your heart… allowing Him to tend your soul…

It’s the better choice.

The first step of discipleship, before the work for Him, is relationship with Him.

Spiritual formation is work in itself, requiring discipline to carve out time with Him.
Meditating on Scripture.
Spiritual Disciplines.

To our interior Martha these practices can seem unproductive, a waste of time. But don’t be deceived…

“…Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her.”
Luke 10:42 NIV84

The lessons learned sitting at His feet, or walking with Him in the garden, are eternal. They will not be taken from you. Let them color, guide, and energize the work to which He calls you.

He’s waiting… calling you… to join Him…

Do you hear Him…?

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