More Precious than Gold

This past Sunday, Rev. Michelle Hall graced the pulpit. Her message came from 1Peter 1:3-9. Read the passage for yourself. Can’t get your hands on a Bible just this minute? Click the Scripture reference to read online.

Rev. Hall reminded us, we have something to be excited about in Jesus! And if our faith rests on the hope of His promises, our lives should reflect that truth, no matter how we are tested.

As I re-read the passage, I’m struck by the true worth of genuine faith…

…the tested genuineness of your faith —
more precious than gold…
1Peter 1:7 ESV
A tested, tried, and true faith — one built on the foundation of the truth of Jesus and His Word— is more precious than gold…

And I wonder, how excited would you be if someone gave you a bar of gold? What about three? or ten?
Gold prices currently run about $1300/ounce. A standard gold bar held by central banks as gold reserves weighs 438.9 ounces. So one bar… $570,570.00 (roughly).
So now, imagine how excited you would be if some distant relative died and left you a gold bar? or two? or ten?
Multiply the imagined ecstasy by much more and that’s how excited you should be about your faith. Especially when your faith has been tested, tried, and still stood firm.
Let’s consider the questions Rev. Hall asked on Sunday:
When was the last time you got excited about Christ?
What He’s doing in your life and in His Church?

Maybe, it’s time to take stock of what you value most. Turn your thoughts to Him and see if you really understand what He has done for you. What He is doing for you, right now.
Because a faith resting on the sure foundation of Christ Jesus is more precious than gold… and that’s something to be excited about.
Heavenly Father, reveal what I truly value most. Search my heart and if it’s not Your Son begin to show me the truth of my salvation. Work in my heart; grow me to value a firm foundation of faith in Jesus more than any amount of gold.

Carol Weaver
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