Monday morning story…

I thought about it some, the challenge Pastor Bonnie gave at the end of her sermon.  How we might share our faith story with someone this week.  Monday morning rolls around and honestly by that time I hadn’t given one more thought to the challenge.

After all I had a lot to do.   Read over the lesson for Readiness school chapel was first on the list.  Joseph is the theme for this week and so I reminded myself of the story, got ready for work, gathered my computer and guitar and off I went.  I began to read Joseph’s story among my circle of tiny friends.  We sang songs and prayed.  Worshipping with preschoolers is the best way to begin a week.

Now I’m off to staff meeting.  We sit and chat a moment and then she asks, “Stacy, do you have the devotional ready?”  My heart sinks as I realize I’ve forgotten something.  This is not a way to impress your new leader.  (Secretly I’m blaming Di because she always reminds me of these things, but not this time.)   In that moment, after confessing my forgetfulness, I go to get the story I had just shared with the preschoolers.  I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, this is a grown-up staff meeting and yes, I should have prepared some theological, devotional full of adult words.  But something struck me as I read it with the kids the first time, so maybe I should share it.  Maybe that was God’s plan all along. 

In this version, right before Joseph’s brothers show up to purchase grain the author writes about how God’s plan was to save his family from famine.  How he used Joseph to rescue them.  From my point of view Joseph’s life was pretty tough.  He was sold, imprisoned and thought to be dead by his father. It seemed at every turn Joseph faced a difficulty he couldn’t get around on his own.  We get so focused on his part in the story we forget that in the midst of slavery and wrongful imprisonment, there stands a hero in the making. That hero rescued the nation God was building through Abraham.

Staff meeting continues into lunch.  Not really, we just like to go out and eat together and fellowship as friends.  We talked about kids and life over burgers and salads.  Somehow the discussion turns to our church’s experience as a Red Cross shelter.  How members served in the early morning hours, and others slept on cots at the front door.  We talked about the need for taking food provided and in some way creating something edible.  We remembered the people and the pain they went through as they returned to tell loved ones their home was destroyed.  Pastor Bonnie listens and then she says, “Hey, we are sharing our faith stories.”

In that moment I realized faith stories happen in our lives all the time.  Every moment of everyday is an opportunity to live out your faith story and share it with others.  My Monday morning suddenly became a part of my story.  The preparation to teach and the opportunity to worship.  God leading when I had forgotten to prepare the devotional.  Breaking bread with friends over lunch. 

This is my story.  Won’t you share yours?

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