Living Love

Preaching from a passage in Romans, Rev. Enid Shepard reminded us Sunday what it means to genuinely love.

Read the passage now: Romans 12:9-21. 
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It is the call and command of every Christian, every Christ follower, to love.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another
as I have loved you….” —Jesus
John 15:12 ESV

According to the Word heard Sunday and what you just read:

     Love must be genuine, real. No pretense allowed. No faking it.

     We are to hate evil, hold fast to good. Discernment is a big part of living love.

     The body of Believers loves each other as their own flesh and blood family.

     We are called to outdo one another when it comes to giving honor. Be respectful, to everyone. Consider others better than yourself.

     Making excuses or procrastinating when it comes to serving the Lord is not allowed. Love Him with a fervent spirit of obedience.

     Believers always rejoice in hope. Living love trusts Him with the power to work all things for our good and His glory. No matter what the current circumstances look like.

     We are called to be patient in the midst of trouble and suffering. Love trusts that He is at work in the pain. Love trusts His sovereignty to allow only that which He will use for ultimate good.

     Love prays constantly. Prayer expresses love for Him when we seek Him in relationship through praise, thanksgiving, or just sitting in His presence. Praying for others reveals our love for them by asking God to intervene in their lives.

     A trademark of Christians is generous giving to Believers in need and graciously opening our homes to others. Compassion and an inviting spirit reflect genuine love.

     We are called to bless those who persecute or harass us; bless and do not curse. Living love requires doing good, desiring good for those who do no good to us.

     Rejoicing with those who rejoice, a sign of love. Resist envy. Be happy with and for those who have what you want but never seem to get.

     Living love calls us to weep with those who weep. Resist the temptation to walk away from an uncomfortable situation. Love enters into the grief of others to comfort with our presence.

     We are called to live in harmony with one another. We, in the church, should all be for one another. Working toward the same goal of loving Him and others through the gospel.

     Pride and haughtiness have no place in a heart of love. In His sight we are all the same. Living love requires eyes like His. Everyone worth dying for.

     We are never to be wise in our own eyes. Love is humble and seeks answers from Him not from self.

     We are to resist repaying evil with evil. Love seeks to do what is honorable in the sight of all — even those who commit evil.

     If it is possible, if it is in our power to make it so, live peaceably with all. Seek peace without compromising truth and integrity. Speak the truth in love.

     We are never to avenge ourselves. Leave it to Him. Trust Him to take care of our hurts and injustices. He will do it. Release those who’ve injured you to Him.

     Contrary to the world, we are to love our enemies: if they are hungry, feed them; if they are thirsty, give them something to drink. Make them crazy with kindness.

     Never be overcome by the evil in this world, but overcome evil with good. Love remembers all evil is based on lies and those who have been entangled by its deception need a Savior. Love remembers: Good has already won.

The Word in Romans tells us explicitly how to love God and others. How to love Believers and unbelievers. How to love both friends and enemies. These aren’t optional, they are God’s commands to His people.

This is love for God: to obey his commands.
And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone
born of God overcomes the world.
1John 1:3-4 NIV84

We cannot live love on our own. Only in Him.

How well are you living love?

Carol Weaver

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