Live the Life You’ve Been Given

Read John 10:1-10The text from Sunday.
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The pastor’s message focused on Jesus’s statement:

“…I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. …”
John 10:10 ESV
According to Rev. Stephenson, many misinterpret the meaning of the “abundant life” Jesus promises by associating it with material wealth and preaching a gospel of prosperity. He said a more accurate understanding based on the original Greek is a full life of vitality, complete, lacking nothing.

I’m struck by his words, because there are those in my life whose constant refrain seems to be: 

I’m so tired…

In their voices I hear a lack of vitality, a lack of life!
And I wonder… If Jesus came to make the way for life abundant, where is theirs?

Jesus mentions strangers and thieves who enter the sheepfold with the sole intent to steal and kill and destroy.

Could a lack of life and vitality indicate we’ve been led astray by someone other than Jesus?
Do we, at times, allow a thief to enter and steal our energy and enthusiasm by following him and getting involved in things we are not supposed to be a part of?
Jesus came to give us life, but are we living the life He’s given us or the one we think we want?
As a Believer, perhaps if you find yourself tired most of the time — no vitality, no satisfaction of an abundantly full life — you might consider if you are living the life He came to give you or if you have followed a thief into the night…
Just some thoughts from Sunday.
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