Lessons from the Storm

Sunday’s message came from Mark 4:35-41.
Take time to read it now. [Click on the Scripture reference to read it online at BibleGateway.com]

Rev. Stephenson began by focusing on the ability of storms to stir up fear in our hearts. The disciples not only experienced fear during the storm — fear that made them wake up Jesus and question His love for them — but fear of Him after He calmed the storm. The disciples were filled with awe, not faith, in response to Jesus’s power.

God uses them to test our faith, not for His information, but for ours.
Storms reveal the depth of our faith.

Do you believe in a sovereign God?
Or a random universe?
Which is greater? The Creator or the created?

What did the last storm you faced reveal about your faith?
What lesson did you learn?
Did you find God asleep?
Or was He just resting, waiting on you?

Be open to the lesson of the storm.
Let God reveal the depth of your faith.
And begin to ask… and seek…

Who then is this? Who is He?
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