Lessons from the Nativity

Many years ago, I heard a sermon about lessons we could all learn from the Nativity. They are lessons you can use throughout the year. These lessons touched me very deeply, so much so that when Christmas was over that year I didn’t want to pack the Nativity set away. Instead, I typed up the lessons and framed them. I set the frame beside the Nativity set and it remained up year round for several years.

When Aurora was a toddler she was fascinated with the animals and broke some of their legs while playing with them. After they were replaced, I started packing it up every year after Christmas. I now keep a copy of the lessons in my Bible for reference. Credit for these lessons goes to Dr. David Dykes of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler. I am going to share them with you. It is my hope that they will bless you as they have me.

  1. Mary – The impossible happens when you surrender to God.
  2. Joseph – It’s hard to trust what God is doing in the lives of those we love.
  3. The Stable – As bad as your life may be, you can still identify with Jesus.
  4. The Manger – God’s presence changes the simple into the supernatural.
  5. Jesus – God became like you so you can become like him.
  6. Animals – All of creation recognizes Jesus as Lord.
  7. Angels – Good News! You don’t have to be afraid!
  8. Shepherds – God wants you to share the story of Jesus with everyone.
  9. The Star – When you honestly seek God, He will guide you to Jesus.
  10. Magi – You are wise to bow and offer Jesus your finest gifts.

Blessings and Peace this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

Marian Lindsey

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