Jesus Invites Those Who Desire

Read John 1:29-42
[Click the Scripture reference to read on if you don’t have a Bible handy.]

This past Sunday, Rev. Stephenson shared a little about his passion for woodworking and his desire to make fine furniture that led him on a search for a teacher.

Having found a teacher, he sought to enroll in a weekend of instruction offered by the master craftsman, but there was a year long waiting list. He waited and when the time came he drove 1,100 miles to be taught by a man who invited students to: Come and see.

In the same way, Jesus invited the two disciples who followed him: Come and see.

The invitation came as a response to the student’s desire to know.

These two particular disciples had been under the teaching of John the Baptist, whose sole mission was to prepare the way for the Lord. That’s why these disciples were there, because ultimately they wanted to know God, recognize the Messiah when He came, be prepared for His arrival. So when John the Baptist pointed Him out, they quickly followed after. And then the invitation — Come and see — was offered.

The journey of learning to live a life of faith begins with desire.

What is it that you desire?
What or who are you currently following? (Perhaps you could get an idea by looking at who you currently follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any number of other social media sites who invite followers…)

If you are struggling in your spiritual life, and faith seems hard or is disconnected from your everyday living, maybe you need to start by checking your desire.

Jesus’s message to the church at Ephesus lauded them for their works and devotion to right doctrine but He had one thing against them…

“… you abandoned the love you had at first.”
Revelation 2:4 ESV

Have you abandoned your first love? 

Perhaps it’s time to pray for renewed desire and love for Jesus — the Word made flesh — so that we can hear and respond to His invitation: Come and see…

Lord, renew my love for You. 
Work in my life and grow me to love You with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. 
Fill me with desire. As the deer pants for water,  may I thirst for You and Your kingdom.

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