Jesus Immersed

This past Sunday, Rev. Stephenson led us in remembering our baptism. We began by remembering Jesus’s.

Read Matthew 3:13-17

The baptism John offered was one of forgiveness and repentance. A recognition of and turning from sin, a literal changing direction of one’s life.

Jesus — God made flesh — had no sin, no need to repent. He always headed in the right direction.

Why do you think Jesus preceded His public ministry with baptism?

Baptize comes from the Greek baptizo meaning to immerse — to plunge into something that surrounds or covers.

This baptism marked a turning point in Jesus’s life. Dutiful son and carpenter changing paths, preparing the way to separate from His family responsibilities and fully immerse Himself into those of His heavenly Father.

Jesus ultimately gave His life to pay for all sin.
The Author of Life plunged into death.
The sinless for the sinful.

Perhaps this was the first step in fully embracing His purpose, a humble acceptance of the way that lay before Him.

By experiencing what the repentant sinner experienced — baptism — He immersed Himself fully, publicly, into the will of God.

Jesus walked the way of a rebellious sinner from first to last without ever having sinned, so that we might know, and be declared, righteous. Not of our own accord, but of His.

It all began, with His baptism…

…and behold a voice from heaven said,
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”
Matthew 3:17 ESV

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