In the Wilderness: Exodus 7

Let the plagues begin! Read Exodus 7 today.
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Did you notice how old Moses and Aaron were? They were octogenarians for goodness sakes! God called Moses and Aaron to lead the people out of slavery long after retirement age. This was no easy task. Facing the disdain of Pharaoh, the mocking Egyptians, the frustration of his own people. Moses, the murderer, and his slave brother Aaron must have been a sight to see. And this was just the beginning.
It took eighty years for Moses to be ready to lead. Wisdom, faithfulness, perseverance take years to develop. The desert was a growing up place for Moses. I wonder if he intended to spend the rest of his life there. 
So let me ask you:
Have you found yourself in a place of growing up lately? Are you growing in wisdom and faithfulness?
Have you made plans to spend the rest of your life in some place?
Is there the whisper of God’s call growing louder in your ear?
Have you used your age as an excuse not to move forward? use your gifts? answer the call?
It’s true, we may retire after working about half our lives, but there is not a retirement age in God’s plan. He calls each and everyone of us to use our gifts to help set people free. This is not the job of those younger or older than us. This is our call, our commission, and we are never past the point of being called.

Lord, remind me all my life is a place to learn about You,
grow in faith, and prepare for the purpose You have for me.
Open my ears and heart to Your call. I don’t want to miss it,
no matter my age or circumstance.

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