In the Wilderness: Exodus 39

The vision comes to pass: Exodus 39
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So all the work on the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, was completed. The Israelites did everything just as the Lord commanded Moses.
Exodus 34:32 ESV
We’ve watched the Israelites construct the ark, the lampstand, the table, the altar, all the utensils, and the framework with its dividing veils and covering. Today, we read about the priestly garments: robes, tunics, ephod, turban. Each created according to the vision God gave Moses on the mountain.
It’s one thing to receive a vision. It’s another to make it happen.
I’ve had a bit of experience, lately, with visions coming to pass. More than ten years ago, God gave me ten words, all verbs, necessary to exercise faith. My vision for these words was a t-shirt for the youth ministry: Top 10 Ways to Exercise Your Faith!
When I took the vision to the Youth Ministry Director, Stacy, she saw something different. She said, “This is a Bible study.” Those words stirred my heart and spirit to a greater vision. I began to study and write. Stacy graciously agreed to meet with me weekly to encourage and challenge.
We got to the point where the writing and weekly meetings were put aside. Other ministry endeavors ensued. But our faith relationship continued to grow. We mentor one another now, we call each other sister. And last summer we resuscitated the study on faith and taught it at the shop we share. 
The first five words are a six week Bible study, one we taught, and even expanded by going deeper for another twenty-five weeks. We are about to begin the work on completing the second half of the study, the remaining five words. But it never would’ve happened if steps of faith weren’t taken toward each new glimpse of the vision. 
With each step of faith the vision expanded, became more detailed. Just like Moses’s vision of the priestly robes. In the working out, the detail of the gold hammered flat, cut into strands, and woven into the fabric was revealed.
When God blesses you with a vision, take the first step — whatever step looks like it will lead you toward its fulfillment. (Moses came down the mountain and called for an offering. I went to the Youth Director with the idea of a t-shirt.) Then continue to be faithful and see where He leads. What He reveals next.
It will take faith.
It will take work.
It will become something you never imagined.
In the same way, faith by itself,
if it is not accompanied by action is dead.
James 2:17 NIV
Exercise your faith, by seeking Him and His vision for His Kingdom. Then be prepared to get to work, take the first step and continue to listen for His direction.
Father God, what a blessing to be included in Your work.
Open my eyes and heart to receive the vision You have for me.
Bless me with the faith to take the first step.
I long for my faith to be living and active.

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