In the Wilderness: Exodus 35:30-35

Unexpected gifts useful to His Kingdom: Exodus 35:30-35
Open up the Word today. Click online or find it in the Bible.

God gifts us all. Each in different ways. Maybe you think the only gifts useful to His Kingdom are those we see among the clergy: preaching, prophecy, teaching the Word, ministering, shepherding, etc.

But look at the gifts we see today: skill, intelligence, and knowledge in craftsmanship; artistry in both metals and textiles, carving of wood. Craftsmanship is a gift from God, one He gives for His purpose.

If you have artistic gifts, gifts of craftsmanship, do not discount your usefulness to His Kingdom. It is His gift to you. Begin asking Him today how you can freely give it back to Him for His work.

Father God, reveal the gifts You’ve given me to serve You.
Maybe gifts I haven’t recognized as useful to You.
Show me how and where to use all You’ve given me,
for Your glory.

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