In the Wilderness: Exodus 35:1-29

Giving freely: Exodus 35:1-29
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All the men and women, the people of Israel, whose heart moved them
to bring anything for the work that the Lord had commanded by Moses to be done
brought it as a freewill offering to the Lord.
Exodus 35:29 ESV
Moses went among the people sharing the plans for the tabernacle. Then he called them to give everything needed to make it happen.
By faith Moses saw the unseen on the mountain. By faith he called the people to give materials unattainable in the wilderness. There was no need to take a vote among the people on whether to do it or not. God said. That was that.
There was no concern over where the materials would come from or what the budget would be. God said. He would provide. Provide He did, through the people He rescued from slavery. And they brought it all as a freewill offering.
freewill… voluntary, spontaneous — Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
Those whose hearts were moved, gave freely to the One who had freed them. They gave without fear of scarcity. They knew all they had was a gift from Him. So they freely gave it back to Him for His use.
The same is true for us. He is the One who freed us from sin and death. And everything we have is a gift from Him. We too should give what He’s given back to Him, freely, voluntarily, spontaneously, for His use and His glory.
What freewill offering have you given lately? Your prayers? Your gifts? Your presence? Your service? Your witness?
God has gifted us each in so many different ways, but all for one purpose: Building His Kingdom.
Consider today what you have to give, how you feel about giving, and what you’re currently using your gifts for.
“…Freely you have received; freely give. …”–Jesus
Matthew 10:8 NIV
Father God, open my heart to the blessing of giving back to You for Your glory.
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