In the Wilderness: Exodus 10:21-11:10

Pharaoh still held tight to his control. Read about the plague of darkness and the warning of the final plague to come in Exodus 10:21-11:21. (Click on the link to read the verses or open up your Bible.)

So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and there was pitch darkness in all the land of Egypt three days. They did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days, but all the people of Israel had light where they lived. 

Exodus 10:22-23

This was no ordinary darkness. Not the kind experienced in places like Alaska. Not the dark of night when all we have to do is look up and see stars twinkling. No, this was an all consuming absence of light. Pitch dark for three days. So dark no one even moved. They sat in the stillness, waiting for three days.

As we approach Easter I can’t help but think of Good Friday. A day we begin the observance of darkness. Three days waiting for light to come. Every moment in the Old Testament points us to the Savior. Every moment of darkness works in our lives to bring us closer to Him.

Do you remember a time without electricity? How quiet and dark the night seemed? No dim light of the clock on the stove or sound of the air conditioner humming. It’s as if the whole wide world stands still.


Just seven days and we too will remember the waiting. Waiting for light to come. After three days of darkness, the Light will shine. And the world will never be the same again!

Lord, darkness still seems to loom over the world. So many tragedies,
so much brokenness. Remind me we are waiting for Your Light
to return in its full glory, never to be hidden from us again.

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