In the Waiting

In the quiet of my laundry room, the sacred space, I picked up an old journal.  I flipped through and stopped on the 46th lesson.  Nothing special about it except one word in the title…wait.

You can find the story in 2 Samuel.  David has settled in as king and the nation is experiencing a time of rest.  It left a king, used to constant battle, with nothing to do.  It is the sort of calmness that keeps David’s mind wondering…what now?   And so he finds himself a project.

He decides with Nathan’s blessing to build the Temple.  Most often God’s ways are not ours, and David was not chosen for this task.   Instead God promises David that his son will be the one to build it.  David must wait…not for weeks, or months, but for an entire lifetime.  He doesn’t even get to see the dream come to pass.

What does David do while he waits…he makes a plan.  He prepares and stores up all that will be needed for the season of building.  This in itself was an act of worship.

Thirty short days remain until the Advent season begins.  Maybe like David we should make a plan for the season.  Organizing our calendars and making a gift list could be a time of worship, couldn’t it?  Have you considered sharing scriptures at dinner time during the Advent season?  Or maybe creating a special Advent calendar.

During the month of November you can come here to find ideas for just those things.  Ways to keep our focus on the true meaning of the season. 

And so join us in the planning…as we wait.

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