Hope is such an important thing to human beings. Without hope we become filled with despair. I believe that Christmas is all about hope.

Jesus was born to two adults who were far from home and had no place to stay. Could we say they were homeless?

She was giving birth and they had no one to attend to her in the birth. Could we say they had no insurance?

They had no family or support group around them to help with the details or to celebrate the birth. Could we say they were lonely?

Joseph had not fathered the child, yet he stood by Mary when she said that the baby was immaculately conceived. Could we say there were marital problems?

Yet, in the middle of this unusual but very familiar circumstance a miracle happened. Who says it? The scholars and the powerful in their community did not. It was the shepherds and wise men from far away that recognized the importance of the event. The impact of that moment in times is to create a sense of hope and connection to the eternal for all of us who suffer and feel estranged from the goodness of life. Hope comes in small packages, but is very powerful.

Jim Brown—2004

Help me find hope in Your life, Jesus, and openly
share that hope with others. Amen.

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