Herod: A Kingdom View

Not everyone was thrilled by the birth of the King of the Jews.
When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled…
Matthew 2:3 ESV
Herod held the title himself— king — any new king threatened his domain. I look at Herod and see a man who did not want his kingdom disturbed.
When the wise men failed to return with the location of the newborn king, Herod’s desire to keep hold of what he believed was his sent him on a frantic murderous hunt to dispose of the competition.
I know a man who does not want his kingdom disturbed. One who refuses to acknowledge the King, because if He is King, then his life will have to change. Someone else will rule his domain. You may know one or two yourself with this kingdom view.
Many see Jesus as a threat to their way of life. A threat to what they want to do and what they perceive will make them happy. Like Herod, they see Jesus as a disturbance in their kingdom.
But really, what do we have? What do any of us have that He hasn’t given us?
…He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things…
Acts 17:25 NASB95
Any semblance of our own kingdom, any semblance of control, is merely an illusion — a deadly deception.
The irony is, for those who refuse to come under the authority of the one true King, they miss out on all their hearts desire. Whatever they think they can receive from what they have will always elude them.
When we give up our own kingdoms for His, we gain an eternal inheritance, more than we could ask for or imagine! We become sons… daughters… of the King!
And I wonder… Are there areas in my life, where the arrival of Jesus disturbs me? Areas where I hold onto an illusion of control? Places the King’s presence leaves me feeling defensive?
What about you?
No, not everyone is thrilled by the birth of Jesus. It all depends on your kingdom view.
Lord, I choose to lay down my illusion of control 
and let You be the King of my life.

Carol Weaver

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