He has Risen (and so have you)

Easter Sunday, Rev. Stephenson turned our attention to resurrection potential.

Read Matthew 28:1-11. [Click the Scripture reference if you don’t have a Bible and read it online.]

The question posed to the congregation:

What kind of power does resurrection have in our lives right now?

A powerful question, and I wonder… Do we know that in Him, His resurrection is ours too? 

I’m struck by the angel’s words to the women: 

…tell His disciples that He has risen…

It comes across as a command for today… 
Tell His disciples that He has risen!
Remind one another that the miraculous has happened.
He has risen and in Him, you have risen, too.

What does it mean for your day-to-day life, that He has risen?
The pastor emphasized the women’s response: they departed quickly… with fear and great joy… 

There is fear connected with the resurrection life, because it leads us into unknowns. Places we never expected to go or we may not even want to go. 
What would it mean for our lives if we received healing from old wounds? What would be expected of us? Or is it easier to use past and present ailments — physical, emotional, and spiritual — as reasons not to step out and do what He created us to do and be?
What would it mean to receive complete forgiveness? And to wholly forgive others? What would change in our relationships and expectations? What grievances, rights, or burdens would we have to lay down? Or is it easier to hold a grudge? Hang on to shame? 
And what about the sin that seems to have a hold of us? The anger we can’t control? The addiction that rules our life? Where would we run if we couldn’t run to these? Is He enough? What if this resurrection life fails?
Old wounds, hurts, injustices, sin — they define us if we are not careful. They are familiar. Comfortable. And often a source of attention, power, or pity from others. Excuses we can use as anchors to stay right where we are.
But there is also joy at the prospect of what might lie ahead, if we choose to embrace and fully live in His life and power — fully live the resurrected life. 
In Christ, we are dead to sin and its power — now! He has been crucified for all. All have died. In Him we are raised when we believe in and trust His great work on the cross and the power of the resurrection life.
So today, I’m reminding His disciples (including myself):
He has risen!
Live fearless today. Open your heart to the potential for great joy and peace. 
Live resurrected.
For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died; and he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.
2 Corinthians 5:14-15 ESV
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