He Does Great Things

Scripture: Luke 1:39-55

Wow! What is going on here? Mary spoke “Hello” to her cousin, Elizabeth, and made Elizabeth’s baby “jump for joy” in his womb. Elizabeth knew, then, that she could expect a living child, and not the dead one she was afraid of having.

I suspect until that moment, Mary had been in turmoil:  The Mighty God has “done great things” to her, yet she had to face everyone who didn’t believe in her visit from the Holy Spirit, who didn’t understand that she was found to be pure and worthy enough to be a vessel to carry the “Son of God” (through the Holy Spirit) and the “Son of Man” (through Mary). That’s why she was visiting her cousin, who lived in another town. Now, because of Elizabeth’s joy and belief, Mary acknowledged Elizabeth’s praise of her by agreeing that she would be call blessed by all generations.

The same God who has “done great things” to Mary has demonstrated His might with His arm, confounded the wicked and humbled the proud. He has shown His mercy and love to those who fear Him from generation to generation. (I used to think “fear of the Lord” meant being “afraid of God.” Through study, I find it means being “afraid of separation from God”.) He has filled those who hunger spiritually with good things (as Jesus will show with Mary and Martha). He will always remember to help His people Israel, though they may be stiff-necked and contrary, because of the promise made to Abraham and his children. This is the same God who chose Mary, and she must accept and cherish this. She can expect Jesus.

Carol Haberle—1997

God Almighty, fill me with confidence in Your promises.
Fill my life with hope and my mouth with praise.

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