From Darkness to Light

In the darkness I kneel; a troubled soul.
My thoughts of no accord.
The heart is heavy. Each beat is heard.
Trembling hands reveal me.

The waning moon sets in the west.
An owl swoops low towards its daily perch
Amid the cluster of sharp-needled pines.
Another soon follows. One calls. One answers.
Quietness, darkness, hope for the new day prevails.

Peace with my Lord is what I seek, and
Peace is what I find.
I feel His presence. I stand in awe!
“Forgiven.” What joy! Sublime!

Magnificent colors stir in the east.
Dawn is making its bid.
From indigo to azure, pale rose to blood red,
A spectacle and feast for the soul.

Walk, talk, and pray with the Lord.
His love is freely given.
From the darkness we came, loved and nurtured in faith.
To the eternal light we are driven.

Christine Durr—1990

Lord, drive me to Your light eternal.

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