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“Then Jesus said to them all, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up my cross daily and follow me.” ––Luke 9:23

“Follow me” has always been the hallmark of leaders. Jesus was no exception. He led, not by coercion or intimidation or fear, but by example. His life was so exemplary that his followers gladly denied themselves, risked their lives, gave their lives to be counted among His chosen.

He mainly shows how we should behave toward one another. We can find all sorts of reasons to justify all sorts of conduct unless we have a model of how life should really be lived. We can draw strength and righteousness from another person, from someone we understand to be better than we are, someone we can use as a touchstone for testing the truth of our own behavior. We have found him in the person of Jesus.

Margie Wilson—1995

Jesus, thank You for coming to lead us into light and love,
grace and truth, knowledge and understanding.
You showed mus how to live our life from beginning to end.
Teach me to follow You.

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