Elizabeth’s View on Mary’s Visit

As I read the scripture and place myself in Elizabeth’s position over 2000 years ago, I meekly hope I would have had the same faith and love in my heart as Elizabeth. Her love and support for her niece, Mary, overflows, as she greets her and welcomes her into her home stating, “What an honor this is, that the mother of my Lord should visit me!”  

Fourteen powerful words that stir faith and wonderment in my heart. Elizabeth whole-heartedly believed Mary’s child was the Messiah. Even though Elizabeth and Mary both found themselves in similar, impossible and unbelievable situations, Elizabeth believed! She did not over-think or try to use logic to explain it away. She embraced her niece with the love that only the Holy Spirit can inspire. 

I recognize that her statement must have strengthened Mary’s faith and belief in her seemingly impossible, overwhelming, unbelievable situation. Isn’t it always easier to go through trials and tribulations with the love and support of our friends and family? We are stronger and more confident when we are not alone. The funny thing is, we of course, are never alone. The Lord is always with us, always.

Let us remember Elizabeth’s reaction and outpouring of faith during this Holy Season of Advent. We need to be faithful believers and this can happen by the most simple of means; supporting our loved ones, with a word, a hug, a smile. Spreading the word of the Lord does not have to be monumental, loud, or on public display. May it occur in the quiet love and admiration we capture from the Holy Spirit and disperse to those around us. 

Our God is with us, always, always, always.  Help us to recognize this in our own impossible situations, and cling to the hope that faith will lead us to the truth.

Dear Lord, You know the struggles we face, our fears, and our shortcomings. I pray You will strengthen our hearts and minds with the faith and love that Elizabeth so graciously passed on to her niece Mary, so that Your Goodness and Grace will touch the lives of all around us.
Elizabeth Wade 

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