Elizabeth’s Joy

Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone…
Bruce Springsteen

Even though Elizabeth was well past child bearing age, the angel Gabriel told her husband, Zechariah, the couple would have a child. Gabriel also visited Elizabeth’s cousin, Mary, and although she was a virgin, he told her she too would have a son. Mary traveled to Elizabeth’s home, and when Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.
Elizabeth must have been so elated when she learned she was to have a baby. However, with all her happiness, nothing compared to this extraordinary jubilation she felt as the Holy Spirit touched her that day. She knew this was a sign from God, and He was with her.
Recently, my husband took me on a cruise to Mexico. It was all and more than the website had promised: the luxury, the delicious food, fabulous entertainment, all surrounded by blue waters and white sands. I should have been thrilled and elated! But, with all this luxury, I still had a little of that “Is this all there is?” feeling.
On one tour, we traveled by catamaran to an island with white sands and palm trees, surrounded by blue waters. But, on the way, the winds came up and the waves beat against our little boat so viciously that part of our party became seasick. We landed, and although we couldn’t swim because of the rough water, we still enjoyed the beautiful island. However, when we boarded for the return trip, the motor would not start. As the waves slammed our boat against the dock, the captain tried again and again to start it. After five or six minutes of grinding the starter, the look on the captain’s face gave us reason to be “concerned.” Being stranded on a beautiful island might be a wonderful dream, but in reality it became less dreamy and more nightmarish.
So, I lowered my head and said, “Dear Lord, thank you for getting us back safely.” And immediately, the engine started. Everyone cheered! But, I was the loudest, because I felt the extraordinary jubilation Elizabeth must have felt.
Like Elizabeth, I had all the wonderful things I could want in life, but they were only worldly things. It was the Thrill of Living, having the Holy Spirit within us, that made our lives complete.
On this long, strange journey, we can truly be happy, only if He is with us.
Elizabeth Halpain
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