Scripture: Micah 5:2-5a

As the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family, and the first girl on one side, suffice it to say that I was just a little bit spoiled — especially at Christmas. When I was twelve my Christmas list included a bean bag chair — the latest rage. I truly expected to get the chair, I just wasn’t sure from whom.

Christmas morning arrived and my bean bag wasn’t under the tree where I expected it to be. No worry, we still had to make the rounds to both sets of grandparents. The five of us traveled from Lovelady to Frankston to the paternal grandparents. Again I wasn’t too disappointed that I didn’t receive my expected present because I knew we had one more stop. Onto Ft. Worth. My excitement was building as I wondered about the color of my bean bag and if it would fit into the car.

I didn’t see a big present for me under the tree when we arrived at Ft. Worth, but I thought maybe my grandmother didn’t want to be too obvious. The little package my grandmother handed to me when the presents were passed out wasn’t at all what I was expecting. For the first time, I began to worry about not getting my bean bag chair.

When it came my turn to open a present, I took the paper off of a little black box and inside the box was a belly-button brush with little fake diamonds on the handle. (You’d have to know my grandmother!) I tried to act excited and be gracious but I’m sure that the disappointment was evident.

In reminiscing this event in my life I am reminded of the three magi and their long journey to worship the newborn king. Would his palace be big? Would there be parades through the town? After all, any event important enough to be announced by its own star must be a magnificent thing.

I can just imagine their surprise (disappointment) at finding the “king” in such humble surroundings. Their disappointment didn’t last long however as their hearts were touched and they knelt down to worship this child who represented greatness.

This Advent season may you enjoy the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, remembering that the greatest gift of all is the small unassuming gift of love — Jesus.

P.S. My bean bag chair was brought out to me after all of the other presents were opened.

Jerri Lykins—1997

Lord, remove my expectations of the ways You want to bless me.
Keep my heart open and attentive so I don’t miss a one.

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