Christmas Poem

Christmas is a time of love,
A time for thanking the One above
For all our blessings and joys,
A time for Santa to see the good girls and boys.

People laughing, cheering, and carrying on,
Until the break of a beautiful dawn.
Exchanging presents to and fro,
Taking long walks through the white snow.
Families unite from all around,
The talking and laughing creates quite a sound.
“Why Elizabeth! My how tall you’ve grown,”
Says the aunt year after year, when she calls on the phone.

Mistletoe hung high and low,
Couples stop there before they go.
Entertaining little ones with stories of joy,
While they drift off to sleep dreaming of bright and shiny toys.
Before they go to sleep they take time to pray,
Just like Mary and Joseph did on the hay.
Christmas is a time of love,
A time for thanking the One above!

Elizabeth Sorrell—1992

Thank You, Lord, for every moment of the Christmas Season.
Fill my thoughts and heart with love for You, the provider of all good things.

I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.”
Psalm 16:2 NIV84

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