Christmas Day: Jesus’s Birthday

When we think of birthdays, we think of balloons, presents and cake surrounded by loved ones singing to us and telling us to “Make a Wish.”  
I wonder if Jesus ever had a birthday party? Did he have a cake? Did he get any presents? Did someone hug Him and tell Him they were glad He was in their life on His special day?  
If you could, if it were in the realm of a real, tangible, viable possibility, what would you give Jesus for a birthday gift?
Jesus gives me my whole life over again every single morning and he prayerfully tucks me in each evening. Any gift I could give Him would be woefully inadequate and yet He is pleased with even the least that I feel I have to offer. Even though I can’t give it to Him, I would like to make Him a card and write Him a letter to let Him know what He has meant to me. If it comes from my heart, He will be happy. I also believe that the gifts I can give Him manifest themselves in kindness to others, hugs to grandchildren, sitting still with those that are lost, rejoicing with those that are found, and praying for our nation.
Each day I ask Him to walk with me. And He does. Each day I ask him to help me understand. And he does. Do I wait for Jesus to return? Every day.  
If I could, I would give Jesus a hug, a homemade card and a handwritten letter to tell Him how glad I am He is my life. I am writing my letter to Him today. I hope you will too.
Happy Birthday, Jesus.  

Shirley Grote

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