Celebrate 170 Years… Celebrate Advent

As First United Methodist Church celebrates 170 years of ministry, mission, worship, and fellowship, we recall one of our traditions which make our church outstanding.

In this Advent season, we recognize that we have published a devotional booklet  for the past 25 years. Each year this booklet offers inspirational, historical, commemorative, and meaningful articles written by members of our congregation.

This year we have “mined” previous booklets and selected some of the most memorable writings to share with you.  We express appreciation to those whose writings we have chosen.  We think that you will again find them inspiring and meaningful.

We hope that each day you will spend a few moments focused on the meaning of Advent and  that the reading of these selections will enhance your Advent experience.

May this Advent season be a happy and blessed time for you, your family, and friends.  And may the 170 year history of this church and its many traditions live on in your heart during this holiday season.

Barbara Hugghins
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