Big Picture Jesus

Read Luke 4:1-30, the passage Rev. Stephenson taught from this past Sunday.
[Click the Scripture reference to read it online if you don’t have a Bible handy.]

Rev. Stephenson called us to be the Big Picture Church, but I was struck by something he said on the way to making that point:

Those in Nazareth were blinded by familiarity,
they only saw the Jesus they knew as a kid…
(emphasis added)
Those in Nazareth, Jesus’s hometown, could not see past the boy who grew up among them.
“Isn’t that Joseph’s son?” they asked.
Luke 4:22 NIV84
I wonder, do you only see the Jesus you knew as a kid? The one you grew up with?
Do you only know the flannel-board Jesus? The one who welcomes children and hangs out with lambs?
Do you know the Jesus who invites you to take up your cross… daily… die… daily? (Luke 9:23)
What about the Jesus who says you must hate your mother and father, your sisters and brothers, your spouse and children to be His disciple? (Luke 14:26)
And the Jesus who says you must eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to have life? (John 6:53)

Or what about the Jesus who says you are wretched — poor, naked, blind— when you see yourself as richly blessed? (Revelation 3:17)

Do you know this Jesus? Have you wrestled with who He says He is? Who He says you are? And what He calls you to do?

If we don’t know Jesus, who He truly is, we will likely desire to throw Him off a cliff rather than follow Him when He shows up in our lives. Just like His neighbors in Nazareth.
If we don’t know. If we don’t have the beginning of some sort of understanding of who the Big Picture Jesus is, we will never be able to be the Big Picture Church.
Take time. Learn who He is through relationship with Him, don’t rely on what others have told you. Actively seek Him through prayer, His Word. Test His faithfulness through obedience. Get to know your Savior. Personally.
Just some thoughts from Sunday.
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