Beyone the Gospels: Acts

Today’s Scripture: Acts 7:1-27
(Don’t have a Bible handy? Just click on the link.)

Here Stephen stands before the council, looking like an angel, and the leader asks, “What do you have to say for yourself?” He had been charged of speaking against God and Moses. Witnesses lied and gave false testimony. This was Stephen’s chance to set things straight… to call those out who lied about him. This is the point where Stephen had the opportunity to tell of all the good things he was doing. How many were healed. The number of miracles God had performed through Stephen.

But that’s not the path Stephen chose. Instead he begins to tell the leaders what they already know. He starts with Abraham and continues in these verses to Moses. What kind of defense is this? Where is Stephen going with this?

Think about the times you’ve defended yourself. In the end, did it come out the way you wanted? Did it convince anyone really? Could it be that the best defense is God’s Word… His story not ours?

Lord, to know Your Word — the Word made flesh —
is to know my defense. He alone makes me righteous.
Bless me with a desire to be in Your Word
and to discover Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

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