Beyond the Gospels: Timothy

Today’s Reading: 2 Timothy 4:9-22
(Click on the link to read today’s version.)

Paul finds himself almost completely alone at this point in our reading. Some have deserted him and others have been sent out into the world… only Luke is left.  Not only was Paul left behind but Alexander treated him terribly.

We’ve all been there… deserted… mistreated… feeling completely alone. Sure there may be other people around, but being lonely is not about having people around you. It’s about connection. God made us that way. He created us to connect with Him, and to connect with others.

The problem is we’re broken and broken people have broken connections. Have you felt lonely lately? like no one just quite understands? Friend, you are not alone. The Lord is standing by you and giving you strength. He will deliver you and rescue you from every single evil scheme… provide a safe journey to His kingdom. Some may never choose faith, but our God is faithful.

Lord, thank You for standing by me.
Please, make Your presence known,
remind me I am never alone.

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