Beyond the Gospels: Timothy

Today’s verses: 1 Timothy 6:11-21
[It would be good to read from your Bible today. We are doing something a bit different. But if you must, click the reference above to read online.]

Paul closes his first letter to Timothy with urgency. An inspired list of instructions and warnings. Outbursts of praise to God and affection for the church. This passage has something for everyone. Instead of me telling you what I hear Him saying, spend some time listening for what He has to say to you. Take a few minutes, ten to twenty, and meditate on this passage.

Begin with a prayer asking God to speak to you: Your servant is listening…
Read the passage through. Out loud if possible.
Read it again.
Pay attention to words or phrases which seem highlighted or louder to you.
Read it one more time.
Whatever phrase or word catches your attention, meditate on it, repeat it in your mind. Write it down.
Focus on the phrase or word asking God what He’s telling you.
Dig deeper into the word or phrase. If it’s a single word, look it up in the dictionary. If a phrase, consider what it is saying to you personally. Investigate to see if the word or phrase is used in another place in the Bible using a concordance. is a great tool for this. In the search box enter your word or phrase (enter phrases in “quotation marks”) and click the search button.
Respond to what you hear.
If you don’t hear anything during your time of meditation, don’t worry. Be open to Him the rest of the day. Continue to listen.

I have prayed for those who will take the time to practice this spiritual discipline of meditation. You are not alone. He is listening and is faithful to respond.

Grace be with you all.
1 Timothy 5:21
Father God, open my heart to hear what You want to speak to me today.
What is it I urgently need to know?
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