Beyond the Gospels: Timothy

Today’s Reading: 2 Timothy 4:1-8

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Paul’s words to Timothy remind me of instructions a parent might give to their child when they leave for college. Paul had a deep love for Timothy. He wanted the very best for him just like we do for our children. The letter Paul wrote we read now as Scripture… a letter from God to us. Imagine for a moment God writing these very words to you today.

Dear Child in the presence of God and Jesus Christ. You are in my presence, you know. Not for one minute of one day am I ever far from you. I know it seems tough to realize at times since you can’t see me standing there, but I AM there. You are in my presence always… no matter your circumstance or frustration… your sin or failure… your joy or success. Know I am here and I have a challenge for you. Be prepared in season and out of season. Whether times are good or bad, let me prepare you through my Word. Let’s talk about things. Remember to be grateful. 

So many still don’t know my presence. Preach my Word… rebuke, correct  and above all encourage them to be who I designed them to be. There are teachers out there who don’t understand my Word. Some are being deceived by those who use my Word to further their own desires. They turn away from truth. But you, you keep your head in all situations. Don’t get angry or frustrated but endure the hardship and keep doing the work of an evangelist. 

Fight the good fight… finish the race… keep the faith. When it seems hard keep going. I’m not looking for you to win the race, I just want you to finish with a mighty faith. Faith in who I am and whose you are. There is a crown in store for the righteous… that’s you! I can’t wait to put that crown on your head and the heads of all those who have longed for his appearing. 

Honestly, writing this was a bit surprising. I don’t plan words before I sit to write. The process goes more like this: Read… pray… listen… write. Some days we need to hear a personal word from God. It can be so easy to forget His Word is personal, that He is personal. That’s me today. In the midst of tough stuff, I’ve forgotten God knows me intimately. He gets my hang ups and baggage. He understands my anger… my pain. Somehow in the writing of these words His Spirit gently reminded me… I. Got. This.

Maybe you need to hear it too. No matter what you are facing you are in His presence. He loves you enough to write a letter just to you… just for you. These are the moments when His strength inspires us to just keep moving towards the finish line… each step strengthens our faith… each step teaching us to trust Him in all things. Always remembering on the glorious day He appears He’ll place a crown on our heads and whisper, “Well done righteous one.”

Father God, speak to me through Your Word.
I need to hear Your truth today, not what I want to hear,
not what others want me to hear, but what You have to say.
Thank You for being near and loving me.

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