Beyond the Gospels: Timothy

Today’s Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:1-7
[Read the passage before what’s below. As a matter of fact, if you only have a brief time in this moment, read God’s words, not mine. Click the link above to read online.]

Here is a trustworthy saying:
Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.
1 Timothy 3:1
Overseer… noble… two words not commonly used in our language these days. In this case, overseer is a synonym for minister or pastor. Someone who leads a congregation. Noble means very good or excellent
Our pastor aspired to the excellent task of overseer. We must trust the United Methodist Church’s judgment in seeing that he met and continues to meet the criteria for the job. Our responsibility is to support our pastor in his position of authority as God’s chosen leader for our church at this time.
One of the most important ways to support him, besides encouraging him, is to lift him up in prayer. This passage gives us a great outline of specific areas of his life to cover in prayer:
  • his character
  • his marriage
  • his temperament
  • his teaching
  • his emotions
  • his family
  • his spiritual growth
  • his temptations
  • his reputation
Being a pastor is a noble task, but it is also a difficult one. Pressures from the people he leads, his family, and not to mention spiritual attacks leave our pastor vulnerable. We have the opportunity and privilege of being able to intercede on behalf of our pastor, surrounding him with a spiritual hedge of protection.
Our church has a ministry to assist you in praying for our pastor. Each month a Pastoral Prayer Hedge Journal* is published and made available in the Commons Area. It is a daily guide to praying for our pastor using Scripture to cover various aspects of his life and ministry. This year we began the Pastoral Prayer Hedge Group*, which meets Tuesdays from 6-7 pm. It is a time to gather with others to lift up our pastor in prayer. Anyone is welcome.
Honor Doug for the praiseworthy role he aspired to take on as our pastor. Tell him thanks. Give him a hug or a handshake. Be a blessing to him. Pray for him regularly.
Father God, help me to remember what a noble challenge
Rev. Doug Wintermute has taken on as our pastor.
Show me how to encourage him in his job and be a blessing to him—
not a stumbling block. Guide me in praying for him as our overseer.

*For more information about the Pastoral Prayer Hedge Journal or Group, please contact Carol Weaver at 
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