Beyond the Gospels: Romans 12:9 – 13:7

Read Romans 12:9 – 13:7
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Wow! Today’s passage is about as full of instruction as you can get from God’s Word. The ESV’s heading at the end of Romans 12 is Marks of the True Christian.

Read the passage again. Slowly.
You might even want to get pen and paper to make a list of the characteristics of a true Christian, a true follower of Jesus.

Read the passage again. Prayerfully.
Ask Him how you measure up.
Don’t be afraid. He loves you just the way you are.
But He loves you so much He doesn’t want you to stay that way.

Invite Him into the areas where He reveals where he wants to work.
Surrender to His authority. Come into agreement with His assessment.
He knows your heart better than you.

It’s Friday. Consider carrying this passage through the weekend with you.
Pray to be so marked as a Believer no one will mistake you for anything else.

Father God, thanks for loving me just as I am.
Thanks Jesus, for dying for me. Paying the price for sin I couldn’t pay.
Holy Spirit, I welcome You into my heart, soul, life.
Counsel, guide, teach, transform.
I’m listening…

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