Beyond the Gospels: Revelation

Today’s Reading: Revelation 9:12-21
(Click on the link to read God’s Word.)

It took ten plagues to change Pharoah’s mind. It took the death of every single firstborn child to get him to release the Israelites. We have now seen God open six seals and with this seal comes three plagues. Not your run of the mill plagues either. These plagues killed one third of the world’s population.

You would think those watching this happen around them would change their ways. You would think they would be looking for the answers that might offer salvation. But no. They continued on with their worship of idols and sexual immorality refusing to see or hear or change.

We are not much different at times. Consider those things you too refuse to change. May God open your eyes and ears to His way.

Father God, may I never miss Your discipline.
Prepare my heart to receive the grace of Your correction.

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