Beyond the Gospels: Philippians

Today’s Reading: Philippians 2:1-18

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Paul encourages believers to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” and goes on to say, “for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”
It makes me wonder… how exactly do we do this working out stuff? What does it look like? Why fear and trembling? It seems the next part is opposite of the first. We work out salvation, God works in us. This is one of those mysteries too grand to completely wrap our minds around.
I used to think I was in charge of the work. I came up with a list of what a good Christian might be like. I strived… I worked… I toiled and in the end I failed. I just couldn’t live up to my own expectations. Over the years I’ve learned God has a different list and our working it out allows Him to work in us. It is a mystery of how it works, but make no mistake… it does work.
Three simple things I do each day allow God to do his work. The list is short and sweet.
–Talk to God all day, every day. No special time or words needed, just turn your thoughts into prayer.
–Read and study His Word daily.
–Listen. Learn to hear His voice. He speaks to us in so many ways… be still and listen.
This is our work… our job to do. All the rest is His work in us and He is faithful to complete it for His good purpose.

Lord, teach me to seek You in Your Word and Your world,
remind me to talk to You all day and listen with an open heart for Your voice.
Bless me with the faith to hear You and the boldness to obey what I hear,
that You may have full access to my spirit to work out Your will in me.

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