Beyond the Gospels: Philippians

Today’s Verses: Philippians 2:19-30
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These verses serve to remind us that Paul was not only a great leader, teacher, and follower of Christ… he was human like us. As I read these verses today Paul’s love for new Believers and those dear to him jumped off the page. Paul talks of his concern for the Philippians, his close relationship with Timothy, and his joy that Epaphroditus lived. He speaks of  the sorrow he faces and his own anxiety over others.

We can identify with this side of Paul in so many ways. We too face anxiety and sorrow. We are concerned for loved ones and those who are ill. Good news brings us joy and even Paul seems to need a good cheering up at times. Take time to read the verses again and notice the emotions there in Paul’s words.

What or who comes to mind as you read? Is there someone you’ve been concerned about? a loved one who is ill? Are you filled with sorrow over some loss in your life? Sometimes it is good to know we are not alone in this. Someone has been there… done that. Paul’s words remind me, and I hope you too, we are never alone. In Christ we have each other, and this alone gives me hope.

Take a step of faith today. Like, Paul send a letter of concern and encouragement to one of those people on your heart. Let them know they are not alone, that you care, and are praying from them.

Father God, thank You for this picture of Christ-centered community.
Increase my love and trust in You through the Believers You’ve
brought into my life. May we love each other as You have loved us.

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