Beyond the Gospels: Peter

Today’s Reading: 1 Peter 1:1-12
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Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, wrote this letter when the church was entering an era of persecution. Christians were scattered throughout the Roman Empire. He wanted to offer words of hope, a call to holiness, and an explanation of the role of suffering in Christian experience. How often have you witnessed the question of “why one must suffer”— especially in the face of severe illness of one who appears to be a faithful Christian?

Many Believers live under pressure in their daily lives. It seems Peter’s letter could be viewed as a letter to Christians facing trials everywhere, even today. Peter writes of a “living hope” that no circumstance can extinguish. Because this hope is based upon one’s faith and spiritual realities.

The resurrection of Jesus guarantees Christians an inheritance reserved for them in heaven. Salvation comes by the work of the Spirit and is expressed as obedience to God. It is experienced now as the salvation of your soul, but has been promised for ages. It comes by the sanctifying work of the Spirit.

Thought for today: Salvation begins here and now. Not everyone realizes that this is so now because of Christ’s redeeming activity.

Father, thank You for delivering us into Your glory by the sacrifice of your Son… Amen.

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