Beyond the Gospels: James

Today’s reading: James 4:1-12

Fights and quarrels among Believers.
Friendship with the world and its ways.
Slander and judgment within the church.

All signs of an unhealthy church.
All signs of a spiritually immature church.

We have not because we ask not.

Begin today, asking God for healing of His church, not only FUMC in Jacksonville, but His church spread all over the world. Ask not for your own gain and comfort, but for His glory. In Jesus’s name.

Father God, I pray for Your Church to be holy and wholly well.
Reveal the root causes of our spiritual failings and bless us
with hearts ready to repent. Free us to love one another.
Free us from the ways of the world. Help us recognize where
we are serving flesh rather than the Spirit. Free us from 
judgmental and arrogant attitudes.
Heal us that we may wholly reveal Jesus to a broken,
hurting, lost, dying world.
Heal us for Your glory. Amen.
Let it be so.

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