Beyond the Gospels: James

Today’s verses: James 4:13 – 5:12
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The book of James is full of wisdom and truth. It reads much like Proverbs in this section. Topic after topic, strung together, seemingly unrelated. But wisdom and truth are always relevant and much needed in our lives.

Ask God to reveal what you need to hear from Him today, then read the passage again.
As you read, listen for the Holy Spirit to point out what relates to your present life circumstances.
What wisdom do you currently need?
What truth needs to transform your life?

Read the verses again.

And one more time.

What seems highlighted in your spirit?
Take that word or phrase with you.
Tuck it away in your heart.
Ask God to grow you in the wisdom and truth you need today.

Father God, bless me with a heart ready to receive Your wisdom and truth.
I want to walk wisely in a manner that honors You and pleases You.
Teach me to live out the Word You’ve given me today.

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