Beyond the Gospels: Hebrews

Today’s verses: Hebrews 11:31-40
[Open up the Word by turning the pages of your Bible, or clicking above on the Scripture reference to read on]

Faith calls each of us down different paths, even though it’s all the same Way.

Some are called by faith to conquer, lead, and fight in His name. Administering justice. Routing the enemy. Seeing life raised from ashes.

Some are called by faith to suffer. Endure persecution, mistreatment. Live seemingly destitute lives.

All in the name of faith. Each called to a different path. But the same Way. Jesus.

You can see it happening in the world today. Those making great headway influencing culture and gaining ground in Jesus’s name. Others living in areas of the world where death is sure if they get caught with His Word or worshiping with others in His name.

No matter where faith leads you, the important thing is to remember the Way. Jesus is over all and in all. Working it for good in the lives of those who love Him and answer His call on their lives. All will be commended for their faith, no matter what it looks like in the world, as long as they are following Him.

He has a plan in place to bring us all together. All the faithful. To receive His promise in one place at one time. Our only concern now is to keep our eyes on Him. Faithfully obedient.

Father God, don’t let me get distracted by the path of faith others are following.
Do not let me discouraged when my path leads to hardship and others’ to glory.
Keep my eyes on You. Keep my ears and heart attentive to Your call.
Keep me faithful to Your Word, in Jesus’s name.

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