Beyond the Gospels: Hebrews

Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 1

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The first few verses in this chapter give us a clear picture of the one we call Savior. I made a list for you… to remind us all of who Jesus is.
Jesus is…
… heir of all things
…the universe was made through Him
… the radiance of God’s glory
… the exact representation of God
… His word sustains all things
… the Cleanser of our sins
…seated at the right hand of the Father
Let us not become complacent in acknowledging who Christ is. He is King… Lord of Lord… Savior of the World. Take time today to acknowledge Jesus in some way, in many ways.

Jesus, fill me with a hunger to know You better.
Help me to see the radiance of God’s glory in You
whenever I read the gospels. Bless me with the spirit
of revelation as I read Your Word which holds all things together.
Open my eyes to see You in and around me.
Fill my mouth with praise for all that You are.
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