Beyond the Gospels: Galatians

Today’s Reading: Galatians 1:11-24
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Something caught my attention from these verses. Something I’ve not read before or heard for that matter. Paul went to Arabia after his conversion, and he spent three years there before he met Peter.  My curiosity was peaked as I wondered what he did during those three years. I did a little research but no one really knows for sure. Some say he preached and taught there, others think it might have been a time for Paul to receive more revelation about Christ. My guess is… it was both.

Here’s the kicker for me. Paul knew the Old Testament from a Pharisee’s point of view, but his conversion was all he knew of Jesus. There were no books for him to study, no New Testament in which to submerge himself. Everything he learned in Arabia was taught to him directly from God. Wow… Just wow!

I believe God is the same yesterday, today, forever. He doesn’t change because we now have a bible to study. Without His teaching… The Holy Spirit’s leading it is just a book. Yes, it is our responsibility to search and know His word, but revelation still comes directly from Him.

I’m inspired by Paul today… To approach God’s word by first asking Him to reveal Himself and His way in it.

Jesus, we want to know who you are… Whose we are. Each time we open your word bring revelation, teach us from on high. Amen

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