Beyond the Gospels: Ephesians

Read today’s Scripture: Ephesians 4:17-32
[Open up your Bible or click the link above.]

…put off your old self… put on the new self…
Ephesians 4:22, 24
God’s Word in Ephesians gives us a picture of our new life in Christ. He tells us the way to walk and what our lives should look.
I’m reminded of the old reality show What Not to Wear. Have you seen it? Fashion experts secretly watch and then approach an individual nominated by family and friends who just can’t seem to dress themselves appropriately.
The hosts of the show take the fashion-challenged individual off to New York City, go through all their clothes, tell them what’s wrong with them and then provide the means to go out and find the fashions and styles they should wear.
Through Paul, God tells us what not to wear in our walk with Christ. He tells us what to put off and what to put on spiritually.
What to throw out of your spiritual wardrobe:
  • sensuality
  • greed
  • impurity
  • corrupt and deceitful desires
  • falsehood
  • destructive talk
  • bitterness
  • slander
  • malice

Then He tells us what to put on, spiritually speaking:

  • true righteousness
  • holiness
  • truth
  • forgiveness
  • honest work
  • generosity
  • words of encouragement
  • grace
  • sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  • kindness
  • tenderheartedness
It takes time to evaluate a wardrobe and it takes time to evaluate a heart and spirit. The process can be painful. Many of us use the “what not’s” as means to hide or protect ourselves and we don’t even know it. Being open to evaluation makes us vulnerable, but the Holy Spirit is gentle and knows our hearts better than we do. Trust Him. Invite Him in to makeover your heart and spirit.
It’s Friday. Print out today’s passage or mark it in your Bible. Return to it this weekend. Be open to the Holy Spirit to examine your heart, evaluate what you’ve been wearing spiritually. Allow Him to instruct, reveal, heal, and equip you to put on the new self in order to reflect the likeness of Christ and glorify Him.
Lord, I long to reflect You with my life, to be someone who attracts others to You.
Prepare my heart to receive the truth about the way I walk now,
what to put off and what to put on. Open me up for revealing and healing.

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