Beyond the Gospels: Corinthians

Today’s Scripture: 2 Corinthians 10:9-18
(We’re going to read today’s Scripture from The Message. Click on the link to read.)

We’re the exact same people, absent or present, in letter or in person.

Things don’t change much over time if you think about it. It is easy today with all the social media in our lives to present something we are not. The saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” goes much deeper than a vacation trip. What we present to the world doesn’t always match who we really are.

I wonder what it would take for us to be the exact same people no matter where we are or what circumstance we’re facing. In a world where nothing is really as it seems, authenticity might just be the key. Like Paul, we may be questioned, some may judge our inadequacies… others just won’t understand. No matter. When we reveal on the outside what God is doing in us, the Holy Spirit uses it to draw others to Him.

There’s a song I hear once in a while… the singer asking to be a see through Christian. What would that look like in my life? in yours? Today may we live and go about our day being the exact same person in our homes, at our jobs, even at the grocery store. May others see through us straight to Jesus.

Father God, bless me with the grace to be who You created me to be
both inside and out. Bless me with the grace to accept those around me 
as You work in their hearts, too.

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