Beyond the Gospels: Corinthians

Today’s Scripture: 1 Corinthians 16:1-11
[Read the Scripture in your Bible or click the link above to read online.]

Weekly giving.
Wide doors open for effective ministry.
Many adversaries.
Encouragement of those working for the Lord.

All regular happenings in the life of the church.

Believers are called to give in the same manner Christ gives to us. Freely. With the good of the church  in mind.
Don’t we all have gifts to give? weekly?

Doors opening for ministry. Opportunities. Inspiration. Hearts prepared.
Do you hear Him calling you?

Opposition. Wherever a door opens forces try to prevent us from walking through. Stumbling blocks come in the form of physical barriers, financial shortfalls, relational division, fear of failure.
Are you facing something keeping you from entering into ministry?

Putting at ease those passing through.
Aren’t we all just passing through this life?

Protecting, encouraging those who work for the Lord in the face of opposition.
Don’t we all have work to do? Who can you put at ease?

All these can be found in the life of any church, even FUMC, Jacksonville:

Have you seen any lately?

Consider sharing what you’ve seen in the life of FUMC here by leaving a comment. Click the post title scroll to the bottom. Write in the comment box. Follow the directions.

Father God, I pray for the regular happenings at FUMC:
the giving, the new opportunities for ministry, the overcoming of opposition,
and the encouragement of those doing Your work.
Prepare my heart to participate in the daily life
of Your church.

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