Beyond the Gospels: Corinthians

Today’s Verses: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21
(No Bible handy? Just click on the link to read the Scripture.)

I don’t think it is coincidence this is the same passage of Scripture our pastor read yesterday. The same words he spoke about from the pulpit. I believe sometimes God places things in front of us more than once to make a point. We heard from the sermon yesterday: In Christ we are made new… not refurbished or fixed up or re-purposed… we are made brand new. This word spoken in worship yesterday and again today leads me to think he might be speaking not only to us as individuals but as the body of Christ.

Is it possible God is reminding us He makes all things new? Most of us like new things in general, but when the new brings change to something we are used to or like the way it is, it can cause fear or anxiety… maybe even resistance. Have you been resisting something new lately? Is it time to remember Jesus is in the business of making all things new… each and everything? Let’s embrace the new Jesus makes in us and around us as we watch the beauty of spring unfold.

Father God, help me to remember Jesus came to make all things new,
not for my own glory or enjoyment but for His. Open my heart and increase my faith
to the new You want to do in my life and in the life of Your Church.
Remind me I am an ambassador for Jesus through whom
You are making an appeal to an unbelieving world.

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