Beyond the Gospels: Colossians

Today’s Scripture: Colossians 1:15-23
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“…in Him all things hold together.”

Consider what this means. The holding of all things together. Every. Single. Thing.

… planets and their moons
… atoms forming matter
… molecules bound together that enter our lungs and give life
… gravity holding our feet to the ground

In Jesus everything… all things… hold together. He is the glue that holds our entire creation together. It is the same holding we find when He comforts our broken hearts… hears our cry for help… leads us along the right path. How can it be God is so enormous and so personal all at the same time?

In this moment, I am humbled at the very thought of it all. As you go about your day, may you be mindful of all that He holds together just for you.

Lord Jesus, thank You for holding me together:
my being, my marriage, my family, my faith,
my relationships, my peace, my world…

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